FSA Fitness & Coaching

FSA Fitness & Coaching offers customized multisport and single sport coaching. Custom coaching includes individualized training plans written by experienced coaches designed to help you train smart and achieve your personal best on race day.

Group training is also available, offering new and experienced athletes an opportunity to be challenged and encouraged by others as they learn proper pacing, build technical skills, and cultivate mental toughness. Group training sessions are led by experienced coaches and are suitable for all distances and abilities. 

Crazy Cat Cyclery

Crazy Cat Cyclery offers fun and inviting beginner/intermediate group rides each weekend, as well as a variety of interactive events and clinics. Check the Crazy Cat Facebook page for upcoming rides and events.

Trek El Paso

Trek El Paso offers a wide variety of rides for cyclists of all levels. For a list of upcoming rides, visit their Facebook page.

The Bicycle Company

The Bicycle Company hosts group rides and events, including flat repair clinics and bicycle fitting. For up-to-date information, visit The Bicycle Company website.

Chuck's Bicycle Repair

Chuck's Bicycle Repair offers a flat, fun, and free beginner-friendly bike ride every Tuesday night at 7pm. The rides leave from Soho Lounge (500 N. Oregon) and last approximately 45 minutes.

El Paso Bicycle Club

The El Paso Bicycle Club is a group of recreational road cyclists who focus on exercise and fun. In addition to longer weekend rides, the Bicycle Club offers Beginner/Intermediate (B/IG) group rides from mid-March through October. B/IG rides are designed to be educational and enjoyable, teaching new cyclists basic riding skills, bike maintenance, and more. The El Paso Bicycle Club rides are free and open the the public. Click here for helpful cycling information, ride schedules, popular local routes, and more.

EP Cyclists

EP Cyclists hosts fun, friendly year-round rides for cyclists of all levels. From beginner to advanced routes, EP Cyclist rides are safe and encouraging. For a list of upcoming rides, visit the EP Cyclists Facebook page.

Velo Paso

Velo Paso is passionate about improving conditions for cyclists and pedestrians in the Paso del Norte region. In addition to group rides, Velo Paso hosts safety training and bicycle skills courses, public awareness campaigns, and bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly events. For a list of upcoming rides and events, visit the Velo Paso Facebook page.

Team  Sun City

 Team Sun City is an organization that focuses on motivating and supporting the local cycling community by hosting rides on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  To find out more information on rides, visit the Team Sun City Facebook page.


Road bike rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the following locations:

  • Crazy Cat Cyclery
    • Airport (915.772.9666)
    • Kern (915.532.9666)
    • Redd Rock (915.585.9666)
  • The Bicycle Company (915.544.2453)




GeoBetty is an El Paso-based website offering a variety of local routes for road and mountain bikes. Routes are ranked by distance and difficulty.



Race El Paso and Crazy Cat Cyclery Present: Basic Bike Maintenance

Race El Paso and Crazy Cat Cyclery Present: How to Change a Tire

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