Inflatable Arch 

  • Includes cinder blocks and start and finish banners

  • Requires access to standard power outlet

  • Custom banners may be attached to the top front, top back, and legs of the inflatable arch (not included)

Bike Racks

  • Short rack (7-8 bikes)

  • Long rack (14-16 bikes)

  • Total capacity: 800 bikes

Traffic Cones

  • 18-inch: 120 available

  • 28-inch: 95 available

Metal A-Frame Signs

  • Frames hold 18x24-inch signs for mile and directional markers

  • Mile marker signs and arrows available

  • Custom signs may be inserted to frames

  • 10 available


  • 5-gallon Igloo coolers with spout

  • 8 available

Recycling Collection System

  • 5 available


  • Small: 3 available

  • Large: 2 available


  • 17.5 gallon tubs

  • 6 available


Additional Terms

Click here for equipment rental fees.

Rental rates are for 24 hours and do not include delivery; delivery charges vary based 
on equipment order.

Minimum equipment rental fee: $50. Please make checks payable to Race El Paso.

To rent equipment, contact Kat at or 915.229.5656.