How does Race El Paso race green?

At Race El Paso, we are passionate about investing in athletes’ health as well as the health of the planet. Recognized for Outstanding Participation in El Paso’s Green Business Challenge, Race El Paso has committed to incorporate environmentally-friendly practices into our events, introducing local and visiting athletes to sustainable practices as applied in race production.

With a that philosophy in mind, we encourage athletes to reduce and reuse by:

  • Implementing 100% online registration

  • Providing athletes with reusable race bags and water bottles

  • Distributing virtual race bags instead of printed flyers

  • Designating recycling-specific receptacles on race day

  • Encouraging athletes to carpool and use public transportation

How can you race green?

  • Athletes for a Fit Planet estimates that travel represents between 70% and 80% of a race’s total climate footprint. One way to reduce that footprint (and your gas costs!) is by carpooling with other athletes. You can also consider biking to events or using one of El Paso’s increasing public transportation options, including:

  • Only print race information when absolutely necessary. Race El Paso will strive to keep all communications to athletes paper-free.

  • Offset your travel emissions by buying carbon offsets that fund renewable energy projects such as those featured on NativeEnergy.

  • Reduce waste during training and on race day by using from reusable water bottles and race bags.

  • Dispose of all paper and plastic materials in the designated recycling receptacles provided at each race. They will be located in the finisher and expo areas; when in doubt, please ask a Race El Paso volunteer.

  • Recycle your used running shoes through a local running store or one of the many national shoe recycling organizations.

  • Purchase sustainably-produced food, gear, and clothing whenever possible.

  • Explore training options close to home to reduce driving to and from your route.