Triathletes care about their health, but what about the planet’s health?

Race El Paso believes that there is a way to enhance both.  We will incorporate environmentally friendly practices into our races, introducing El Paso and visiting athletes to sustainable practices as applied in race production.

Triathlons, like any other sporting events, have an impact on the environment. All too often, aid stations look like garbage dumps, athletes arrive to events in gas guzzlers, and goody bags are plastic. Race El Paso’s events will be different.

How does it work?

Race El Paso has taken the Pledge of Sustainability offered by Athletes for a Fit Planet, an organization working to advance eco-friendly practices at sporting events. We pledged to achieve a series of green goals, including 100% online registration and reusable race bags, among others.

What can you do to race green?

Before the race:  Don’t print email correspondence from Race El Paso if you don’t need to. Race El Paso will strive to keep all communications to athletes paper-free.

On your way to the race:

  1. Reduce your emissions by traveling with other participants. You can organize a ride share through PickupPal or another ride share site. It’s free!
  2. Offset your travel emissions by buying carbon offsets from renewable energy projects such as those featured on NativeEnergy. Estimate your travel distance to the race and purchase credits for those miles. It’s cheaper than you think; a “Green Tag” worth $3 will offset 300 pounds of CO2 or about 300 miles of driving! The money goes to renewable energy projects such as wind farms that would not otherwise be built.

Athletes for a Fit Planet estimates that travel represents between 70% and 80% of a race’s total climate footprint. On average, every mile you drive produces about one pound of carbon dioxide (a little more for flying). Emissions of greenhouse gases have been shown to contribute to global warming.

At and after the race:

  1. Reduce and reuse!  Please drink from reusable bottles; enjoy the reusable race bags.
  2. Recycle!  Please use the recycling bins; when in doubt, ask a Race El Paso volunteer.

You can keep up with green racing tips and news here.