FSA Fitness + Coaching

FSA Fitness + Coaching offers customized multisport and single sport coaching. Custom coaching includes individualized training plans written by experienced coaches designed to help you train smart and achieve your personal best on race day. 

Run and multisport training groups are also available, offering new and experienced athletes an opportunity to be challenged and encouraged by others as they learn proper pacing, build technical skills, and cultivate mental toughness. Group training sessions are led by experienced coaches and are suitable for all distances and abilities.  FSA Fitness + Coaching also offers Saturday group runs!

Up and Running

Up and Running, El Paso's only specialty running store, offers 3-6 mile weekly group runs for all levels from both their Eastside and Westside locations. 

  • Westside (3233 N. Mesa, Suite 205): Every Tuesday at 6pm
  • Eastside (1475 George Dieter, Suite O): Every Wednesday & Friday at 5am

To keep up-to-date with events and upcoming group runs, check out the Up and Running Facebook page.

Run El Paso

Run El Paso is a laid-back, friendly organization of people who share a common love of running. From beginners to experienced athletes, Run El Paso members run all distances and all types of races. For a list of daily group training runs, visit the Run El Paso website.

Run Culture

Run Culture, Las Cruces' first specialty running store, offers free, beginner-friendly group runs every Wednesday night at 6:45pm. Keep an eye on the Run Culture Facebook page for other local events and races.



El Paso Galloway Training Group

Training group following the Jeff Galloway run-walk running program.  For more info, including run schedule, tips and motivation, join the El Paso Texas Galloway Training Program Facebook group.  Group training runs are Learn more about the Galloway method HERE.  Contact Craig Marusich ( / 915-203-6710) for more info.

EL PASO GALLOWAY TRAINING PROGRAM KICKOFF -- MARCH 16 @ 6PM (Up & Running / 3233 N. Mesa, Suite 205) 

Up and Running

Up and Running offers group training plans that are designed to help to runners of all abilities improve their performance. Each training program is written for a specific race distance (5K to Marathon) and usually coincides with a local race or fun run.



Hal Higdon offers free training programs and detailed instruction for all distances and abilities: 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon

Cool Running offers free training programs for all distances and abilities: 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon 

Runner's World offers instructional training guides, as well as a variety of informational articles on nutrition, gear, motivation, injury prevention, and more.


Race El Paso makes no representations regarding the resources listed here. They are informational only.

Suggestions for other training opportunities?  Email Delaney at!